About TimeWarp

TimeWarp is a DeFi staking program for TIME, the native token of the Chrono.tech ecosystem. By locking TIME token in the TimeWarp smart contract, it will generate regular staking rewards.

TimeWarp Mechanism

Chrono.tech generates profits from business activities throughout its ecosystem of products and services. A proportion of these profits will be used to buy TIME tokens from the open market, which will be stored in a dedicated wallet: the Time Fund. At regular intervals (currently once a week) these TIME tokens will be distributed between users who have staked their TIME tokens in the TimeWarp smart contract.

Benefits for TIME holders

  • Weekly staking rewards. TIME will be purchased from the open market using revenues generated by Chrono.tech ecosystem projects and distributed to stakers.

  • Potential increase in the value of TIME token due to the additional demand on the open market.

  • Attractive benefits in Chrono.tech services, including Premium Account status and Job mining for LaborX users.

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