Bridge: How to swap ERC-TIME to BEP-TIME and back

Users can now swap their ERC-TIME to BEP-TIME and vice versa using's own Tokenbridge. Note that the maximum supply of TIME across both networks remains capped at only 710,112 TIME. has recently introduced a TIME token on Binance Smart Chain, in addition to the already existing TIME token on Ethereum Network. This opens our ecosystem to a huge new community of crypto enthusiasts while also allowing for a much lower cost in transaction fees for token transfers and/or staking transactions, due to Binance Smart Chain usually being less congested than the Ethereum network.

To swap your TIME to Binance Smart Chain or back to Ethereum Network, please visit and connect your wallet by clicking on the Connect Wallet on the top right of the screen and follow the instructions given by your wallet application.

Once connected, you can choose the direction in which you want to transfer TIME between the Ethereum or BSC network using the symbol in the middle of the page.

Submit the amount of TIME to be transferred to the other blockchain network and click Swap in the center of the page. A window will pop up in your wallet application to confirm the transaction; do so and the transaction should appear in the Pending Transactions below the Swap button.

Once the transaction has been confirmed (usually 12-15 block confirmations, depending on the network), you can claim your tokens by clicking the Claim button in the Pending transactions section, which should automatically lead to your MetaMask wallet asking for confirmation to switch the blockchain network. Switch the network (see information on how to switch your MetaMask between Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain here), click the Claim button again and confirm the transaction in your wallet application.

Congratulations, you have now successfully swapped your tokens between the Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain network!

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