Ecosystem ecosystem consists of a suite of blockchain products and services. A proportion of the revenues generated by these will be used to buy back TIME and distribute it to users who stake th

About was founded in 2016 with the aim of making short-term employment opportunities as easy to access as any other online service. The company provides blockchain-based solutions for recruitment, HR and payments processes, reducing the barriers to accessing work and transferring funds securely in the global labour marketplace.


LaborX - blockchain-based freelance jobs platform with digital work agreements and cryptocurrency payments.

TimeX - Plasma-based hybrid cryptocurrency exchange, combining the speed and privacy of a centralised system with the security and transparency of a decentralised solution.

PaymentX - cryptocurrency payroll solution to automate businesses’ crypto payments for employees and contractors.

AUDT - compliant stablecoin backed by AUD reserves.

TimeWarp and LaborX Premium accounts

Users who stake their TIME tokens in the TimeWarp smart contract will automatically receive Premium Account status on LaborX. The more tokens staked, and the longer users commit to staking them, the higher their Premium tier. Premium users enjoy a series of attractive benefits on LaborX, including Job Mining rewards (rebates on fees and bonuses for Freelancers and Customers respectively, paid in TIME tokens), increased referral bonuses, reduced dispute resolution fees, and highlighting in the search results.

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