How to provide liquidity for TIME on Uniswap

Uniswap is a decentralized exchange protocol that let's anyone swap ETH or any ERC-token for another without relying on a centralized entity. Liquidity providers can earn trading fees for locking their tokens in a pool. To start, visit in your browser and click launch App.

Click 'Connect to a wallet' in the upper right side of the window, choose your preferred wallet application (We use Metamask in this example) and confirm the operation displayed.

Now Click 'Pool' and 'Add V2 Liquidity'. (Make sure that you are using Uniswap v2).

Now choose for which pair you want to provide liquidity, in our case it’s the TIME-ETH pair.

To choose TIME, paste the token contract address in the search field:


Choose how much token you want to lock to act as liquidity, click 'Approve TIME' and confirm the transaction in your MetaMask wallet. Note that you will always need the same dollar-amount of TIME token and ETH at the time of deposit.

Now that you have approved the amount of TIME and ETH to be added to the pool, repeat the process in the Uniswap interface with the same amount but this time click 'Supply'. Confirm the transaction in your MetaMask wallet and once mined, your token will be added to act as liquidity and generate rewards in form of trading fees.

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