How to get Premium status on LaborX

LaborX is a blockchain jobs freelance platform, developed by

Users’ Premium status is determined by the amount of TIME they lock in TimeWarp. LaborX Premium account status includes many benefits for users and can be obtained by having at least 10 TIME staked in any pool.

Adding MetaMask to LaborX

To add an active stake to count towards your LaborX Premium, go to the Settings section of your LaborX account and choose Wallets.

Click Add Wallet and choose MetaMask - this should also be the one connected to your TimeWarp deposit.

Follow the instructions given by your MetaMask browser extension and allow your TimeWarp staking wallet to connect to the LaborX site, when asked for.

Then, give the wallet a name that it should be referred to in your LaborX account, and click Add Wallet.

Congratulations, you have successfully connected your TimeWarp staking wallet to your LaborX account. Now stake your TIME tokens and get Premium status.

Note that the wallet does not need to be selected as default wallet in order for it to count towards your Premium account status.

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